Last piece of glass

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Thursday, September 20th was a really special day: the last piece of glass was installed on the Canadian Museum for Human Rights’ Tower of Hope. It was the last of 1,669 individual, custom-cut panes of glass, bringing construction of the Museum’s major exterior design components to completion.   

360 Degree view of Winnipeg and the Tower of Hope from the Northside of the CMHR


Despite high winds earlier in the week, the weather remained calm and the sun shined in the big, blue prairie sky, providing the perfect backdrop to this monumental achievement.

For the 60+ people who work at the Museum and the 350+ people that work on the Museum’s construction site each day, this event was an emotional one. It marked a major milestone in the Museum’s development, highlighting the incredible work that has been done by hundreds of Canadians to date to bring the Museum to where it is today. It also shows the hard work, dedication and momentum that will propel the Museum to inauguration. 

360 Degree View of the Museum's Viewing Platform


But this is not just an achievement of which Winnipeggers should be proud, rather it is an event of national significance; an important step in the development of Canada’s national museum dedicated to the subject of human rights. It moves us closer than ever to welcoming Canadians to their museum. 

View from the CMHR

View of the Esplanade Riel and Saint-Boniface from the CMHR


With the major elements of the exterior now complete, work will shift to completing the interior spaces and, eventually, installing exhibits.  We invite you to continue on this journey with us as we work towards inauguration in 2014! 

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