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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Helping people connect with the Museum on social media is an exciting part of my job as Digital Content Specialist. That’s why I’m really looking forward to participating for the first time in  #MuseumWeek from March 23 to 29. 

For a full week, more than 1,400 museums around the world, including 92 in Canada, will come together to celebrate access to culture on Twitter. We’re all encouraging our visitors to share their experiences and their thoughts with others.

What is #MuseumWeek?

It’s a special event that happens on Twitter. Each day has a theme and a hashtag. We will provide glimpses from behind the scenes, talk about some of our favourite parts of the Museum, and share a few anecdotes. But it’s not about us. #MuseumWeek is all about YOU. Since a museum means nothing without its visitors. We invite you to participate in this international movement by sharing your museum experience, what inspires you, what moves you, or what you have learned.

Here are the themes for each day of the week, from March 23 to 29.

  • Monday – #SecretsMW
  • Tuesday – #SouvenirsMW
  • Wednesday – #ArchitectureMW
  • Thursday – #InspirationMW
  • Friday – #FamilyMW
  • Saturday – #FavMW
  • Sunday – #PoseMW


Monday: #SecretsMW

Ever wanted to know what happens in a museum when you aren’t there? This day is for you! We will share our some behind-the-scenes “secrets” using hashtag #SecretMW.

Installation of 120 Universal Access Points
Example: During annual closure week in January, we installed 120 plaques that connect visitors to more info via mobile app. #SecretMW


Tuesday: #SouvenirsMW

It’s your turn!
What are your best memories from your visit? It might be something that moved you, inspired you, a special photo, or a gift from our Boutique.

2 hands with bracelets
Example: Our Boutique’s banned-book bracelets were promoted during Freedom to Read week in February. #SouvenirsMW


Thursday: #ArchitectureMW

The Museum’s architecture is highly symbolic. Next Wednesday, we’lll share some of its secrets. You can also use #ArchitectureMW to share your own favourite aspects of our architecture. 

A building in the night
Example: The Museum’s Tower of Hope glows like a beacon of hope at night #ArchitectureMW


Thursday: #InspirationMW

Share what inspired you during your visit with #InspirationMW. Architecture? An artifact? A quote? A personal story? A gallery? Tell everyone and see what inspires others!

'All human beings are born free and equals in rights and dignity'
Example: The most-photographed quote by our visitors is located in our intro gallery. It’s taken from the first line of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. #InspirationMW


Friday: #FamilyMW

Looking for way to get children involved in human rights? Follow us on Friday! We’ll share information on our content for kids, families and teachers. Why not share your own thoughts about your Museum experience as a family or school group?

A woman and a baby looking at an exhibit with women wearing the veil
Example: A child takes a keen interest in the “What Veils Us” exhibit, located in our Actions Count gallery. #FamilyMW


Saturday: #FavMW

This is a day for our guides and interpreters to share their anecdotes. What about you? Share your favourites with #FavMW. 

A women with headphones is seating in front of a screen
Example: Diane, one of our Human Resources Specialists, enjoys our music listening stations on Level 7 #FavMW

Sunday: #PoseMW

Strike a pose for human rights! From the Garden of Contemplation to the Israel Asper Tower of Hope, there are lots of amazing locations for a selfie or group shot. 

A woman sitting on rocks
Example: Reflecting in the Garden of Contemplation #PoseMW

Looking forward to next week! Please join us on Twitter with @CMHR_News and #MuseumWeek.

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