Proud to be part of the excitement in Winnipeg

Monday, August 20, 2012

There is a renaissance currently taking place in Winnipeg – a revitalization that has people from across Canada taking notice.  Winnipeg’s new James A. Richardson International Airport, the return of the Winnipeg Jets, a multimillion-dollar renovation at Assiniboine Park, new housing downtown, the construction of an IKEA, the expansion of the Winnipeg Convention Centre, a new football stadium under development, and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights mark some of the exciting new projects that are contributing to a new period of growth, investment and civic pride in Winnipeg. As a result of these and many other exciting projects, the Conference Board of Canada estimates that tourism in Winnipeg will grow at a rate of about 5% per year over the coming years, bringing millions of dollars to the city and the province.  

The Crêperie du pont

Stephane Wild, owner of the Crêperie du pont which opened on the Esplanade Riel on May 24, spoke with us about his new endeavour as well as the impact of the revitalization happening in Winnipeg.  Here is a bit of that interview:

1. Tell us a little bit about the Crêperie du pont.

The project came from Entreprise Riel, it was them that installed the kiosk, and they asked if I would be interested in opening a crêperie in one of the kiosks on the Provencher Bridge.  

2. What do you serve on your menu, just crepes?

We have crepes, both sweet and savory varieties, Belgian waffles, ice cream and beverages - perfect for the summer.

3. Why that location? What made you decide to open a business on the Esplanade Riel?

We accepted to open a business on the Esplanade Riel because we thought it was a great location – close to the new museum that will be opening soon, on a beautiful bridge, at the entrance of St. Boniface and the francophone community.  The location was very appealing to us.

Creperie du pontThe Crêperie du pont, on the Esplanade Riel


4. Do you think that the opening of the Museum will have an effect on your business?

We hope so! The museum being built at the Forks had an impact on our choice to open a business on the bridge.  We hope that when the Museum opens, it will bring us a larger clientele. 

5. Do you consider yourself to be part of the revitalization taking place currently in St. Boniface and Winnipeg?

With the Crêperie, we bring but one tiny piece but I definitely feel like we are part of the process.

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is proud to be part of the revitalization of Winnipeg.  We believe that the Museum will bring economic benefits to the city and will contribute to making Winnipeg a better place for visitors and citizens.


Economic benefits by the numbers:

  • Conservative estimates show that the Canadian Museum for Human Rights will attract 250,000 visitors annually;
  • The Manitoba Bureau of Statistics estimates that these 250,000 visitors will result in $25.7 million in additional annual visitor expenditures;
  • Economic Development Winnipeg has stated that the Museum will account for $79 million in additional direct spending in the city each year.

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