Canoes, Colonialism and Reconciliation

The politics of the canoe

June 10, 2018

This event has passed.

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A couple hundred people in 20 canoes. Partially obscured.

Photo: Sherwood411, CC BY-NC 2.0

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What links canoes to politics? 

Popular vehicles of leisure but also strong symbols of Indigenous traditions and culture, canoes are part of Canadian history and identity. 

Free with admission
Level 3 - Stuart Clark Garden of Contemplation

Join a group of panelists, who have been leaders in their Indigenous communities and beyond, in a discussion on canoeing practices as a tool for reconciliation.

John B. Zoe, Senior Advisor to the Tłı̨chǫ Government, Northwest Territories 
Larry McDermott, Elder, Shabot Obaadjiwan
Rachel Cushman, Council member, Chinook Nation, Washington
Chuck Commanda, Master Birch Bark Canoe builder, Kitigan Zibi

This public panel event is part of The Politics of the Canoe Workshop organized by the University of Manitoba.