"Métissages": Dual identities

Panel discussion led by Francophones exploring what it means to navigate life with dual identities.

February 3, 2023 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.

This event has passed.

A panel of five people are seated in front of a large crowd inside the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Partially obscured.

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Free, registration required
Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Bonnie & John Buhler Hall

What does it mean to navigate the world with more than one identity? Join for a panel discussion on the intersections of culture, identity and language.

This free event is hosted by Réseau en immigration francophone du Manitoba (RIF MB) and Accueil francophone. It is part of a series of Noir et Fier events happening during Black History Month.



Barthélémy Bolivar

Bathélemy Bolivar (he/him) has taught in several educational systems including those of Haiti, the United States of America and Manitoba. He has a master's degree in education and psychology from the Université de Saint‐Boniface and a doctorate in science and mathematics education from the University of Manitoba with a concentration in intercultural and cultural studies. He also has an MBA from Laval University and is a Quebec Chartered Administrator.

He regularly publishes scientific articles on education, specifically on the educational and social integration of immigrants. He taught the Intercultural Education course at the Faculty of Education at the University of Manitoba where he also works as a lecturer. Since 2019, he has managed, among other things, the cultural skills file within the Division scolaire franco‐manitobaine (DFSM) and those of high school mathematics, science and sustainable development. He has, among other things, experience as a manager and business consultant.

He has advised several master's and doctoral students in education, business/project management and nursing Native of Haiti, Professor Bolivar emigrated to Manitoba in 2002 where he has lived ever since. He has worked in immersion schools and the DSFM as a teacher of French, technology, remedial education and school management. He continues to initiate education projects in Haiti where he remains constantly involved in providing quality education for all.

He lives in Winnipeg with his four children and regularly publishes poetry collections in French.

Janelle Delorme

Janelle Delorme (she/her) is a Red River Métis woman, activist, drummer and specialist in public education. With over 10 years of experience on the subject, Janelle is a speaker and facilitator of reconciliation workshops and has facilitated hundreds of KAIROS blanket exercises. Very involved in her community, Janelle is the co‐founder and outgoing president of the Coop Vélo‐Cité. Since September 2021, Janelle has hosted the podcast "Chronique RéconciliACTION" on Envol 91.1FM.

Janelle recently received the 2022 Indigenous Education Champion Award from Full Circle for Indigenous Education. She was also the recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012. Holding a Masters in Community Health, Janelle currently works at the St. Boniface Health Center as the manager in Aboriginal relations, equity, diversity and inclusion.

Lacina Dembélé

Lacina (Lasso) Dembélé (he/him) was born in a small village called Kolia, in the north of Côte d'Ivoire. He immigrated to Canada in 1996, grew up mainly in St. Boniface and lived in several towns and villages in Manitoba. He is a business consultant helping businesses grow in various online markets. He is also a student, actor and multi‐instrumental singer‐songwriter who has been involved in the performing arts for over a decade.

He has appeared on the stages of Folklorama, the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, AFRI'K Festival, and the Festival du Voyageur, among others. He has performed for various troupes, notably with Sarasvàti Productions, Resonator Theatrical, the Chiens de Soleil of the Université de Saint‐Boniface, the Théâtre Cercle Molière and with the Troupe ambigüe du Manitoba, which hosts events for the African community in Manitoba.

Nina Condo

Nina Condo (she/her) is the owner of NC Consulting which specializes in strategic planning and training development for businesses, government agencies and not‐for‐profit organizations.

She has been involved in community development in Winnipeg for more than 16 years. During that time, she worked in non‐profit leadership roles, on the front lines, as well in advisory roles with local and national organizations.

Nina holds a degree in social work from the University of Manitoba as well as a degree in nursing. She has been involved in teaching at Red River College and the University of Manitoba.

Prior to immigrating to Canada, Nina chose to specialize in mental health as Rwanda emerged from the ravages of war and genocide.

Her educational background in mental health and social work enables her to apply gender equity, trauma and cultural safety lenses to her work. Nina has supported organizations in the creation of best practices, frameworks, and policy recommendations that support transformative change.

Lise Gaboury‐Diallo

Lise Gaboury‐Diallo (she/her) is a professor in the Department of French Studies, Languages and Literature at the Université de Saint‐Boniface. She specializes in Francophone literature, particularly those of Quebec, Acadia and Western Franco‐Canada. She is President of the Board of Directors of the Center d’études franco‐canadiennes de l’Ouest and has been on the editorial board of Cahiers franco‐canadiens de l’Ouest for several years. She is currently collaborating with a research team working on a critical edition of the short stories by Quebec writer Rossel Vien. Lise Gaboury‐Diallo is also a writer; she has published collections of poetry and short stories and is the winner of numerous literary awards.