Plus haut que les flammes (Higher Than Flames Will Go)

Free NFB film screenings to spark conversations about human rights

Rendez‐vous de la francophonie 2021

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Rendez-vous de la francophonie 2021

In March, we celebrate Francophonie with acclaimed thought‐provoking and fun films for all ages.

The 23rd edition of the annual Rendez‐vous de la Francophonie celebrates the rich French‐language culture of Acadia with quality works that make some noise or “warwarie” in Acadian French!

Watch them all from the comfort of your home and have a conversation with friends and family about the themes and topics that matter to you. Follow the guiding questions at the end of each program description.

Most of these French‐language films are presented with English subtitles.


Plus haut que les flammes (Higher Than Flames Will Go)

Renowned Acadian filmmaker Monique LeBlanc adapted for the screen Louise Dupré’s award‐winning poem of the same title.

Poetic documentary
Monique LeBlanc, 2019, 104 mins.
General public, ages 16+, references to crimes against humanity

Haunted by images and artefacts from the Holocaust she saw during a trip to Auschwitz‐Birkenau, a woman seeks hope in life and finds it in the children of the world. Leblanc connects the experiences and rights of children from Auschwitz to Canada to Nicaragua and Ukraine. This film invites us to reflect and challenges us to raise children – those who will inherit the world – “higher than flames will go.”

Plus haut que les flammes (Higher Than Flames Will Go), Monique LeBlanc, 2019, 104 mins.

Questions for reflection and discussion:

  • What are your thoughts after watching the film?
  • How is our common humanity portrayed? What do you relate to most?
  • What is your relationship to change?
  • What can you do today and every day that really matters?

Take turns in sharing your thoughts and practicing respectful and active listening. Enjoy your conversation!

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Plus haut que les flammes (Higher Than Flames Will Go), Monique LeBlanc, 2019, 104 mins.

© National Film Board of Canada


This event is organized in partnership with the National Film Board of Canada (NFB). Watch more films honouring the diversity of Canada’s Francophonie here: L’espace francophonie (ONF).