Sarah Harmer in Concert

Part of the Beyond the Beat Music Series, in partnership with the Winnipeg Folk Festival

April 5, 2024

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Event details

Bonnie & John Buhler Hall
Language and Accessibility:
This concert will be primarily in English.

Sarah Harmer is a multiple award‐winning, platinum‐selling singer‐songwriter and environmental activist. Her solo music career launched with the now classic debut You Were Here (2000) and includes six critically acclaimed albums. Her latest, Are You Gone, is a deeply personal and political collection of songs motivated by the beauty of life, the urgency of the climate crisis, and the question of loss. She is currently writing songs for a new album.

A woman with reddish hair and green eyes wearing an emerald green shirt, lies on a lichen-covered rock. One hand is behind her head; the other is touching her forehead.
Sarah Harmer. Photo by Vanessa Heins

Sarah has become a fixture in advocacy and local politics in her home province of Ontario. This includes co‐founding the citizen’s organization PERL (Protecting Escarpment Rural Land), leading the successful effort to prevent an open‐pit gravel mine in a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve on the Niagara Escarpment, and launching the Reform Gravel Mining Coalition to protect water, farmland and biodiversity. Her activism and music are featured in the exhibition Beyond the Beat: Music of Resistance and Change.

Winnipeg’s own Andrina Turenne, a Franco‐Manitoban and Red River Métis singer‐songwriter, will open the concert.

A woman with blond curly hair looks flirtingly at the camera.
Andrina Turenne. Photo by Buio Assis, BNB Studios

Andrina Turenne is a Winnipeg‐based, Franco‐Manitoban and Red River Métis singer‐ songwriter who draws inspiration from the rich history of the Red River Valley and Manitoba’s natural and cultural wonders. For more than 20 years, Andrina has shared her talent across the country. She has appeared on more than 50 albums and won a JUNO Award for Best Roots and Traditional Album with her former band, Chic Gamine.

Now she is in the midst of a solo chapter. Influenced by legends like Irma Thomas and Gillian Welch, Turenne has recently released a debut solo project. Bold as Logs, a collection of 11 songs in French and English, embodies the authentic spirit of moments spent around a campfire, in a kitchen party, or on a road trip. There are fragments of nostalgia, love, heartbreak and growth. Her solo debut navigates turbulent rapids and calm bends, reflecting the diverse influences of bluesy R&B, roots rock, and old‐time folk.

All tickets are general admission, with limited seating available on a first come, first served basis.

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