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March 2020

Museum invites social sharing through video stories

Winnipeg - March 30, 2020

Online features encourage focus on human rights during pandemic

A city skyline at night. In the foreground is a river lined by trees, a glowing glass museum building and a bridge.

CMHR to close due to risks from COVID-19

Winnipeg - March 13, 2020

Due to public health risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, all national museums of Canada – including the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) – have made the decision to close their doors to visitors and all other groups, effective tomorrow (Saturday, March 14) until further n

February 2020

CBC science journalist Bob McDonald to speak to students about climate action at CMHR

Winnipeg - February 28, 2020

Students from 64 Manitoba schools will join CBC national science journalist Bob McDonald and CBC Manitoba meteorologist John Sauder for an exciting mass youth event about climate change next Tuesday at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR). The event – originally planned with American

A man looking at the camera tosses up a globe.

Hundreds of Indigenous students “Rise Up” at CMHR

Winnipeg - February 18, 2020

Hundreds of Indigenous students from the Seven Oaks School Division will gather for two days at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) this week to connect, celebrate their culture and discover how they can take action for human rights. The gathering – called “Rise Up” &nda

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January 2020

Rock star presents his “virtual being” to students at CMHR

Winnipeg - January 27, 2020

Hundreds of high-school students will meet Ophelia, a virtual being who learns from her conversations with humans, during a youth event this Thursday at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR).

A digitized image of the blue head of a virtual woman.

Son of “Mengele twin” speaks at Museum for 75th anniversary of Auschwitz liberation

Winnipeg - January 23, 2020

They were Jewish children subjected to medical experiments by Dr. Josef Mengele as twins imprisoned at Auschwitz-Birkenau, the notorious Nazi death camp that was liberated on January 27, 1945.  Richard K. Lowy, the Canadian son of a twin who survived this horror, will give a mesmerizing

Train tracks lead to a distant building recognizable as the Auschwitz-Birkenau gate house.

CMHR welcomes visitors from 85 countries, every province and state

Winnipeg - January 22, 2020

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) welcomed visitors from at least 85 countries last year, including people from every province and territory in Canada and every state in the USA. Participants at the Museum’s Annual Public Meeting today heard that 66 per cent of its visitors t

A crowd of people in a museum gallery. There are colourful light bubbles on the floor beneath them.

December 2019

Human rights for the holidays

Winnipeg - December 12, 2019

Free admission for kids, family-friendly activities at CMHR

An unusual building surrounded by a glass "cloud" and topped by a tower. It is surrounded by snow and bare trees.

Free admission, family programs for International Human Rights Day

Winnipeg - December 6, 2019

Evening event to focus on forgotten genocide of Nigeria-Biafra war

A man and woman stand looking at a double-sided video screen in a museum gallery. The man is pointing at the screen.

New film shows Rwandan-Canadian pursuit of justice after genocide

Montréal - December 4, 2019

A new film by the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) will be screened in Montréal on Sunday about the work of the Rwandan-Canadian community to pursue justice against suspected war criminals identified in Canada after the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi. The short documentary fil

A group of people walking down a street with sign that reads “Commémoration du génocide contre les Tutsi du Rwanda. Avril-Juillet 1994.”.

November 2019

Children to celebrate 30th anniversary of Rights of the Child

Winnipeg - November 19, 2019

Dozens of Winnipeg school children will join national and international representatives of SOS Children’s Villages at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) for World Children’s Day - will open in a new tab this Wednesday, in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Uni

Four small, laughing boys sit together in a row.

National book launch: Artist shares epic journey to “pick up the pieces” for the Witness Blanket

Winnipeg - November 18, 2019

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) will host the national launch of a book that explores the epic quest to gather items from over 130 sites of Indian residential schools for the Witness Blanket - will open in a new tab, a monumental art installation by master carver Carey Newman (Ha-Yalth-

A man wearing traditional Indigenous regalia and headdress stands in front of an art installation made of wooden panels with embedded objects.

New exhibit explores fight for rights on the job

Winnipeg - November 15, 2019

A miner’s helmet, a nurse’s uniform, and a railway conductor’s cap are being used to help tell the story of three important labour-rights struggles that led to positive changes for Canadian workers. Created in recognition of the 100th anniversary of the 1919 Winnipeg Genera

A line of miners hold lunch pails as they punch a time clock.

CMHR invites youth art projects for Manitoba 150 human rights exhibition

Winnipeg - November 12, 2019

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) has issued a call for submissions of youth art projects about human rights.

Smears of red, blue, purple and yellow paint.

Red tower for Remembrance Day

Winnipeg - November 7, 2019

Free admission for veterans and military on Remembrance Day weekend

An unusual museum building topped by a glowing red tower.

October 2019

CMHR launches Friday Night Rights

Winnipeg - October 29, 2019

Free and reduced admission to kick off each weekend the rights way

A group of young adults talk excitedly while walking up a set of illuminated ramps.

Ugandan women open new CMHR exhibit about girls enslaved in war

Winnipeg - October 23, 2019

Two Ugandan women abducted as girls and held captive for years by a notorious military rebel group are at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights today to open a new exhibit called Ododo Wa: Stories of Girls in War. Evelyn Amony was abducted at age 11 and forced to marry infamous Lord’s R

A woman is holding a baby, while four men in army fatigues stand beside and behind her. They are all standing in front of a forest, posed for the camera.

Indigenous oral ceremony finalizes historic agreement with Museum

Winnipeg - October 16, 2019

A historic agreement between Kwakwaka’wakw artist Carey Newman (Hayalthkin’geme) and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) was finalized today through traditional ceremony at Kumugwe, the K'ómoks First Nation Bighouse on Vancouver Island. The ceremony marks the

Two men and a woman dance side by side. One man is wearing a red vest and a headdress. The other man, in a suit jacket, carries a bentwood box carved in west coast Indigenous style. In the background are two larger totem poles and people dressed in regalia.

September 2019

Big Brother is watching: How technology endangers human rights

Winnipeg - September 24, 2019

Investigative journalist forced to leave China headlines CMHR event

A portrait of a smiling woman standing with arms crossed in front of a white backdrop.

August 2019

Augmented reality makes Charter of Rights and Freedoms come alive

Winnipeg - August 20, 2019

Augmented reality is being used to show the importance of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in a whole new way. A powerful new augmented reality (AR) app, titled Proclamation 1982, was launched today by the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR). The app takes users through some of th

A visitor's hands hold a tablet that carries an image of four animated people including a little boy, a young Indigenous woman, a man wearing an apron and a woman judge.