Past and Current Projects

Human Rights “Champions”

The Oral History Program began in 2010 with a series of interviews with human rights “champions” — individuals widely recognized for their contribution to the advancement of human rights.  This pilot project has given way to a broader approach, one that seeks to explore a wide range of human rights experiences through participants and their actions. The program considers events, places and people that were significant to historic and contemporary human rights, while embracing and forwarding the vision, mission and mandate of the Museum. 

Exhibit Research Interviews 

As plans for the Museum’s galleries became further developed, the Oral History Program shifted gears to focus on interviews to support the inaugural exhibits. Some 86 interviews were conducted as background research and to provide video, audio , and quotes for these exhibits.

“Opportunistic” Interviews 

Additional interviews were conducted during the exhibit development period, as time and resources permitted, with human rights activists and speakers who visited Winnipeg or were available when our research team was working in other places across Canada. These individuals discussed human rights topics from multiple perspectives.

Corporate History Interviews

Three interviews have been completed to date toward a collection that will constitute an ongoing corporate history of the Museum. These interviews have included individuals outside the organization who have made a significant contribution to the project’s realization.